May 24, 2021 • 51M

The Future State Of VR

What VR, AR and MR really are and why they are going to be so important

Danny Denhard
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The Future State Podcast - Modern business & future trends explored by Nick Walter (CEO of XR startup Voritc) & Danny Denhard (founder of company strategy and company culture consultancy and newsletter
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The Future State Of VR 💯

What do you think about when you think of VR? Games, people with clunky headsets on or are you going around the world’s best art galleries looking at priceless art?

You’ve likely seen the videos of people of all ages experiencing a virtual rollercoaster or the kids playing a star wars game and be wowed by it.

This week, we thought it was a great time with all of the recent news and developments into VR and AR that Nick (as the CEO of a XR (that’s extended reality, don’t worry Nick schools us for the first few minutes 👏) company (check out their work)) dives deep into the “reality” spaces with incredible insights and an extended primer of what VR is, what AR is and why mixed reality is going to see great leaps in the near future.

This week Nick and I discuss the important elements and questions to answer:  

  • The Market size 

  • Facebook’s influence within the VR space

  • Why AR is leading the way (thanks to filters, think Snap filters, Instagram filters)

  • Pro: How HTC Corporation is going for enterprise space,
    Play: Whereas Facebook is going for gaming and of course social media

  • Why gaming, personal fitness, training and adult (yes that P-word) are popular use cases and likely to continue to drive adoption

  • The Metaverse (yes it’s coming)

  • Why identity is going to be key

  • And as ever our future state of VR aka our hot takes


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The Future State Of VR Timeline ⬇️

The full transcript is available here if you are hard of hearing or you like to read along with the podcast

  • 01:15 - Nick dives into what VR, AR and MR is

  • 02:14 - Why wireless heads are important

  • 02:40 - The enterprise vs the gaming / social side

  • 03:49 - Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest 10 year roadmap and their most ambitious product release

  • 04:36: AR and the need for glasses in the future

  • 09:43 - Complexities in VR and games

  • 15:21 - Cost breakdown and the future with 5g and 6g

  • 16:34 - Danny talks about his experience with VR and AR and why PC’s are so important for gaming and mobiles for AR

  • 20:34 - Why the way our eyes work is so important for VR and the need to build dedicated lenses

  • 21:05 - Danny ask’s Nick about ‘presence’ and why presence is essential for the success of VR

  • 24:45 - Nick discusses Distractions and immersive future

  • 25:38 - Danny’s go into his favourite topic, online identity and why you choosing who you are and the identity is key for many in the space

  • 27:40 - Danny provides examples from Charlotte Tilbury, D&G, Animal Crossing & Louis Vuitton

    • The Louis Vuitton AR pop up example from Paris

Image may contain City Town Urban Building Downtown and Architecture

  • 28:31 - Nick goes into Roblox and the pitfalls

    • Roblox Example of Lil Nas X

      Image may contain Human Person Musical Instrument Guitar Leisure Activities and Stage
  • 32:00 - Nick suggested: The mental health angle is going to be important

  • 34:31 - Danny questions if Apple might win the race or will Nintendo slowly get there?

  • 36:31 - Nick talks through Apple vs Facebook vs Microsoft

  • 38:38 - Nick talks through why COVID might just have helped get people used to wearing face coverings

  • 39:34 - Facebook’s new innovation (Facebook video of neuro network controls)

Danny’s Hot Takes 🔥 🔥 - From 42:09 -

  • VR is on version 3.0 & it's stagnated every time it had another life

  • VR needs a lifeline and quick - I don't think working with a chunky headset is it

  • There will be a number of tech brands that go into mixed

  • We will see "American" giants like Apple vs Microsoft vs Facebook
    vs Asian giants across the VR and AR space

  • Work

    • Professional versions and products are the way this hits the masses

    • I can see it working for very specific companies - very specific use cases where the investment into VR coincides with the success of their products

  • Social

    • Facebook is invested as it connects people at a better level

      • Cheap enough to join

      • Expensive enough to stay

  • Gaming

    • Metaverse needs VR - is this enough to make the metaverse work?
      Follow Matthew Ball who is the go-to person on the Metaverse, this pod is brilliant

    • Could we see a gaming company provide enough investment to make it work?

  • Something different

Nick’s Hot Takes 🔥 🔥 - From 45:39

  • Personalisation is key to win

  • Experiences are going to the winner - for the makers and the users

  • Data and big data being incredibly important for everyday life and the future of VR and AR

  • Escapism will be a focus and rightly so

  • Social and gaming will lead the way

  • The smartphone might be the gift and the curse

  • Audio is going to the next battleground

Good Examples Of The Future

VR 👀

Concerts In Game 🕹

AR 📲

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Thanks for reading and listening, have a great weekend, 

Danny Denhard & Nick Walter

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