The Future State of 2022

And a wrap up of 2021


Welcome back to The Future State Podcast.

Nick and I return with the 2021 wrap up and a look at what is going to be BIG in 2022.

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The Podcast TLDR:

The most listened to The Future State of podcast(s) of the year:

Most Listened To:

  1. The Future State of NFT's

  2. The Future State Of Social Media & Social Networks Podcast

  3. The new email client

👋 Which one was your favourite? Hit reply and let us know.

Nick’s app’s of 2021:

Danny’s App’s of 2021:

  • Product: iPad Pro 2021 - Why? Replaced my laptop and brilliant for multitasking and removing the need to have multiple devices.

  • Apps:

    • Podcast tool - Descript Why? Edit podcasts by word and phrases not in audio format (audio format editing is super slick btw)

    • - Why? App that helps to shape an organisation around communications and effective comms, like sending notes post meetings to all attendees.

The Future of 2022

Nick’s Predictions

  • Life: Staycations

  • Tech: Work - Private members clubs & branded workspaces

    Metaverse future - Apple's AR & VR (mixed) headset

    TikTok continued dominance, NFT's become usable, Improvement in NFT's, Improved audio.

Here’s Nick dropping an idea for Nike

Danny’s Predictions

  • Life: First super app, New UGC platform, a boom in Payless stores, contactless and innovation in online purchases, BNPL moving towards digital banks and going after food space

  • Work: Consolidation In banks, food delivery, shift to third place, hybrid future of work, huge IT hacks (Danny’s brother’s IT support and solutions company)

Consolidation blog post referenced in the podcast -

So what do you think? 💭

Are you in super apps?
Are you a BNPL fan?
Concerned about IT hacks?
Do you think hybrid is the only way we move forward?
Or do you think Nick is wrong with staycations or are we going to be travelling more as we value experiences more?

Let us know!

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🎄 Have a great Christmas and New Year and Nick and I will be back with a couple of brilliant pitch episodes and the future state of many industries.