Apr 22, 2021 • 56M

The Future State Of Football

The European Super League Didn't Go Through - But Football Evolution Is Coming!

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The Future State Podcast - Modern business & future trends explored by Nick Walter (CEO of XR startup Voritc) & Danny Denhard (founder of company strategy and company culture consultancy www.focus.business and newsletter mustreads.co.uk).
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What Is The Podcast? The Future State - Modern business & future trends explored by Nick Walter & Danny Denhard.  

The Future State Of Football - The Business Of The Super League Edition

This week’s future state podcast took a deep dive into the business of football, a timely podcast looking at how the super league crumbled and what the future state of football will be now the powerhouse clubs lost their breakaway moment.

Nick and I discuss:

  • How we (football and business) got here

  • Why the business of football has been missed in the super league discussions

  • What the next steps likely are

  • Why we haven’t seen the end of this chapter of disruption

  • And most importantly why it’s got to the fans and the players who likely take the biggest hit.

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Quote Of The Week: 

“We created a monster” ⁦— Nick Walter
Discussing the current state of football and what we are experiencing.


The Timeline ⬇️

  • 02:44 - The business angle of the super league

  • 03:21 - The emotional driven business and brand affinity

  • 04:53 - “Football needs evolution” - this was a revolution

  • 05.30 - Fan crowdfunding - it’s football corporations, not football clubs

  • 07:20 - Nick’s ⚽️ Takes

    • Everyone’s opinion vs business thoughts

    • The uproar

    • The change is coming

    • Football revenues breakdown

  • 08:18 - Power of social media and instant messengers - blame the group chat

  • 11:07 - UEFA & FIFA decreasing influence and the $15b world cups

  • 12:11 - Pick up of audience and fans - clubs that win, win fans

  • 12:36 - The power of All or nothing on Amazon Prime Video. Nick suggesting he is a Cardinals fan (link to Arizona Cardinals show) and the reach of the Spurs show (link to Spurs all or nothing show) - friend Beth Gladstone mentioned it on her podcast and in her newsletter.

  • 14:00 - Daniel Levy’s business acumen - taking Spurs from zero to international brand heroes

  • 17:21 - The Gary Neville effect and influence

  • 18:16 - Power of the sponsors and manufacturers

  • 19:35 - Dropping the Nike boot deals (link)

  • 21:17 - Dulex x Tottenham social banter & the brand apology (link). Premier League influence of last twenty years, big stars = interest = big wages & bigger audiences

  • 25:14 - Barcelona potentially going bust and the business impact

  • 25:30 - Nick draws smart parallels between Disney and football (characters = footballers, theme parks = stadiums etc)

  • 32:35 - The fans having to take the hit - as usual. There are huge networks of fans, only a few owners

  • 33:17 - Sports or entertainment - how sports is entertainment and Jose Mourinho paid the price for not entertaining the Spurs fans

  • 34:00 - Pay per view made a lot of money while it lasted - how Sky etc benefitted

  • 35:30 - House of highlights (link) and the marketing channel that are highlights

  • 36:07 - Stadiums for more than just football (Spurs with NFL), concerts and conferences.

    • The tribal nature of football was won and lost this week

  • 38:18 - If the owners sell the clubs, there is a huge risk and no one to buy

  • 40:09 - Local move to local clubs - “uprisings”

  • 43:34 - Sponsors and brands want reach and audience with their deals. It’s marketing and audience building 101

  • 43:57 - Football is a global game, global came together to save football for everyone

  • 46:30 - 54:12 - The Future State Of Football

    • Danny’s Hot Takes 🔥

    • 1. Number of shirts and apparel will increase - 4 shirts per season will increase

    • 2. More deals and players knowing their worth

    • 3. Media companies not football clubs

    • 4. Amazon business model doesn’t apply. celebrities might rush to support and invest (The NSWL example referenced link). David Beckham’s investment and political play with Inter Milan

    • 5. Big brands might rethink sponsorships

    • Nick’s Hot Takes 🔥

    • 1. Fans are central to everything but there is a need to balance this with loyalty and business objectives, we will see these work closer together

    • 2. Football will continue to be a cut-throat business, but has to be sustainable, we will likely see salary caps

    • 3. Disruption - UEFA and FIFA now primed to be picked apart and disrupted

    • 4. Lower content-based subscription models

  • Lastly, I pose Nick a question: What is the one thing you would do now if you were one of the clubs?


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