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Introducing The Second Pitch Episode: The Future State Of Meditation Station Podcast 🧘‍♀️

Mental health and wellbeing has never had so much investment or emphasis place on it and rightly so.

Across the world and different cultures we apply different importance and prioritises to wellbeing, it’s time we stepped this up and Nick’s idea…to make dedicated more spaces and centres available for de-stressing.

Well-being: the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

In this week’s podcast (the last podcast in season 1) and our second ideas pitch pod (listen to the first episode here), Nick pitches an idea he cannot stop thinking about since 2018…

💡 The Meditation Station

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Reading on… a good choice.

So here’s the Meditation Station Pitch in a nutshell

  • What? Meditation station and homeless shelter

  • Why? There are thousands if not millions of stressed and overwhelmed people, people need to recharge and rebalance

  • How? Leverage unused space, offering corporate and personal memberships

The Business Side 💴

  • TAM (total addressable market) - As Nick says “large” - the TAM is probably £100m p/a

  • Difficultly? 7️⃣/🔟

  • How to make money? £9.99 personal, £19.99 per month for corporates

  • Competition? Large co-working spaces

So without the full set-up and pitch what do you think?

A good or bad idea? Hit reply with what you think!

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