The Future State Of Coffee Pitch Podcast

The Pitch Edition - EV Coffee Idea Evaluated


After a week’s break, Nick and I are back with the future state podcast!


The Future State Of Podcast - The EV Coffee Edition ☕️ 🚐

This week Nick and I introduce a monthly podcast segment around pitching an idea we have thought of and thought is a decent idea.

We then review, ask the exec style questions (yes we use the word TAM numerous times) and this week we see if Nick would invest in my EV (electric vehicle) coffee shop on wheels.
(He has gone a little quiet on me so he might be in build mode 😏)

The Important Talking Points:

  • Why we could take the 75% market of remote and WFH army

  • The importance of local

  • What’s more important the product or the product-market fit

  • Why jingles are a Marketing goldmine

  • Why community might just be the underestimated angle

  • The importance of a strong hook

  • Will sustainability be an important angle for the 90%?

  • Why Nick thinks an adult ice cream van is the crack for adult-like ice creams in the park are for kids

So, why listen this week?

  • New show format

  • Where I pitched my coffee shop on electric wheels idea to Nick

  • How ideas are narrowed down and hear Nick provide me constructive feedback

  • How to steal this idea… (full idea template below)

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💡 The EV Coffee Idea Template You Can Borrow 💡

The What:

  • Coffee shop on EV wheels

  • Servicing local areas with quality coffee, snacks, treats and meals (breakfast & lunch)

  • Replacing local stores

  • Think of a milkman crossed with an ice cream truck with a barista and pre-made food (like a high-end food truck on wheels)

The Why:

  • Less footfall

  • More local

  • Supplying the hybrid workforce

  • Can serve quality food and drink like at a chain or an independent

  • Coffee shops are often in high footfall areas and town centres or city hotspots

The How:

  • Build an EV like a food truck

  • Make it Instagram-able - give FOMO or elite to cities and suburbs
    like Uber etc did

  • Chains would do this pretty easily

  • Remove the friction of having to go out or give food apps more money

  • Source of local investment and ability to create jobs and support local entrepreneurship

The Business Side

  • TAM - 💰💰💰 (Large at scale) - large upfront investment

  • Difficulty - 👍👍 (Not complicated)

  • How to make money - Surprise and delight, service local areas smartly and around the same time, have a jingle you play like an ice cream van, could be close to universities or out of town offices, reward system,

  • Competition - 6️⃣/🔟 - mini Pret's, supermarkets (like Waitrose, Tesco Metro, co-ops) & shop delivery apps (JustEat, UberEats & Deliveroo)

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Danny (and Nick)