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Welcome back to The Future State Of Podcast and newsletter bundle, Nick and I are back this week to help you think of how NFT’s is going to be part of your life moving forward.
I’m one of your co-hosts Danny Denhard and I’ll be sharing why you should listen to this week’s brilliant podcast, with Alex Moss of

The Teaser 👁

So Why NFT’s & WTAF are they?

  • NFT’s are a way to buy and sell something of value

  • Ever brought extra lives, a skin or a weapon in a game? You have brought an NFT and why this use case is so important

  • It’s not just for the rich and super-wealthy, it is for the forward thinkers and those who want to own digital and physical copies of something they love

  • NFT’s are leading the way for the next generation of artists, whether that is art, music or creative

  • NFT’s is just in their infancy and we are about to see a rise in their popularity and importance

  • With Opensea and Coinbase opening marketplaces we will see it easier and more

  • Find out why brands have to get into NFT’s with a great example of how the Tesco Clubcard has to be a use case

  • Alex speaks openly and transparently about the current misunderstanding of NFT’s, touches upon the reported eco issues and why you have to be educated to make an investment into NFT’s and (ETH) Ethereum.

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Our Guest

When an old friend Alex Moss (follow Alex on Twitter) and I talked recently, it was clear Nick and I needed to invite him onto The Future State Of Podcast.


Alex is the co-founder and CTO of, NFTU and the team have been helping some of the most well-known artists and companies market, promote and create NFT’s.

Here is one of the best NFT artworks I have seen and Alex and team worked on it. Read the case study if you are interested in how Alex and team are helping these well known artists.


I think you will agree Alex was a brilliant guest who definitely helped Nick and I’s NFT’s knowledge, keep an eye out for what Alex and his company has in their roadmap and if you want to discuss anything that was brought up, get in touch below ⬇️

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