The Future State Of Food Bots - Pitch Edition

Why AI Bot tech might just help to improve food nutrition and help everyone become more healthy with more interaction

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This week is a pitch edition, aka the listeners favourite, where Nick and I take it in turns to be the shark (or the Dragon).

This week Nick steps into my Shark tank and pitches a refresher idea but with new insights and angles to help people eat more smartly all with the aid of Alexa, Siri or Google.

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The template and insights to follow along

The Pitch:

AI Food Bot (yes, it does need a better name)

The What

  • AI Food Bot

  • Slogan: What you want when you want

  • Help make the right (food) decision.

  • AI delivered by voice, learns intensively as you use it

The Why

  • Still difficult to make the right choice

  • What makes it healthy or is it the right choice?

  • Exists for everyone

  • Powers their body and mind

  • Cheat day. Feel bad for yourself. Rationalise it

The How

  • Voice + app

  • Ai based bot, connected to home speakers

  • Learns by your input and engagement (engagement and feedback loop imperative)

  • Nutritional guides to help guide you

  • Barcode scanner for food dates (integrate with the likes of Ocado etc)

The Business Side

TAM: Industry Tam. $8.2b (herbal life).

Difficulty: High

Competiton: Very High. Food boxes, home supermarket delivery, takeaways

How To Make Money - Subscriptions. 4.99 - 15.99

Pitch At Nick And I

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The Business Side

  • TAM

  • Difficulty

  • How to make money

  • Competition

The Questions Dannys Asks

FYI Its important to note, when teasing out an idea from someone else is to either shape the answer or help to tease out what the person knows just hasnt explained in the first attempt.

  • Does it need another trigger? Like an email prompt or text. Something to keep you accountable?)

  • Does it need to select one meal?

  • How would it learn about you? -

  • Engagement - need feedback thumbs up or down? Star ratings. 4 stars and above

  • Huel - finding your flavour, is this something that will have to happen?

  • How do you feel after meal vs next morning?

  • Are food dates important?

As ever, thanks for listening, if you would like us to take on a future state of topic or youd like us to hear one of your ideas please email me

Thanks and have a great week ahead.

Danny Denhard & Nick Walter