The Future State Of Reality TV

Yes it's entertainment but we have to do more for people's mental health!


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Introducing The Future State Of Reality TV Podcast

Obvious statement alert: Reality TV is a big deal. 

Not just from a business revenue perspective but through a cultural and societal lens, reality TV brings something extra. 

The UK needs something to lift the spirits again, (well apart from the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 win Tuesday night). There has been something missing from TV…
There is a need for a daily event on prime time TV. 

You have two options:

  • Option 1: Read on and get a taste of the podcast

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Ok…you selected option 1, let’s get into the tasting.

Here is some food for thought before you listen to this week’s podcast aka reasons to listen: 

  • Reality TV happens every day on social media, you are the star of your own Truman show. The issue is you don’t have enough co-stars to make as big as others do.

  • Reality TV brings big eyeballs especially around prime time TV slots which brings in huge advertisers & sponsors

  • The TV is the only thing that brings multiple eyeballs per household, so you hit a much bigger set of eyeballs and influence a bigger audience than you on your mobile. 

  • TV ads are still important in the boardroom - it helps CEO’s and CMO’s show off to their peers and their friends, this still helps to sway decisions. 

  • Reality TV’s impact on mental health is huge and then the second-order and the rise of cosmetic surgery in contestants and cosmetic surgeries is something we are seeing record numbers in consultations and surgeries.

  • Mental health is a huge area that needs real consideration and full support from the moment the contestants are selected to a year after they leave. 

  • Love Island returned for the first time in two years, it is the first year the cast has been announced before the show, this enables vetting by thousands of followers not just the ITV team and this deep dive into the stars helps to build affinity and connection. 

So, this week (co-host) Nick and I dive into the:

  • Reality shows (hint mostly love island).

  • The business behind reality TV (another hint ads slots are rumoured to cost £100k, head sponsors per year is £5m per year)

  • Mental Health - why it is so important and why shows don’t do enough on screen

  • The future state of reality TV - last hint, maybe it is beyond just it being TV, maybe it’s on the go, on mobile phones or even with a headset on.  

The Important Podcast Moments: 

The new sponsorship deals for love island

  • £100k to sponsor per TV ad slot - £250k per ad slot in England World Cup matches

  • £5m to be the lead sponsor from JustEat - who are also sponsoring Euro's 2020

New suppliers -

Here for numbers? ROI on Ads…

The basic breakdown

  • 8 weeks

  • 6 shows per week

  • 48 episodes

  • 3 ad breaks = 144 showings off ads

  • 4 mentions of the brand per show - the start of the show + 3 ad slots

  • + social media ads

  • + ITV hub ads + ITV revenue from ITV Hub+

Average Viewing is 2.5 million viewers (this is likely TV sets vs 2-3 people-watching in the same household) 

The highest viewing figures in UK suggests is 6 million viewers.

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Danny Denhard & Nick Walter