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Pitch Edition: How Email Has To Improve & How

Welcome back to The Future State Of Podcast and newsletter bundle, Nick and I are back this week to help you think of your next big idea or borrow mine.
I’m one of your co-hosts Danny Denhard and I’ll be sharing why you should listen to this week’s brilliant podcast - my email client of the future, it will make you scrap Gmail, Outlook & even Superhuman.  

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The Teaser 👁

So Why Email And Why Compete with Outlook & Google? 👀

  • Email is broken, it has not been updated and is just a feed of information, rarely a flow of actionable tasks, updates and insights you want to receive.

  • Email is still the most important communication tool

  • Email is where you still sign off work, gain approval on budgets, headcount and often where bad news arrives, etc

  • Email shapes businesses and will for years to come

  • Even with the move to chat and the chatification of work, email still is where clarity lies within business and is the primary channel for communication with external people, vendors and clients

  • Email clients are rarely updated and although there is Spark and Superhuman, these are not built for the modern workplace

Scroll down to the pitch notes below to review how good my email client would be to fix the broken email and communication clients.

The Pitch Breakdown 👏

Here are my dedicated and full notes for the pitch episode:

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Some Litmas stats to help you gain some understanding of the market:

Popular Mail Client

  • Apple iPhone: 38.9%

  • Gmail: 27.2%

  • Apple Mail: 11.5%

  • Outlook: 7.8%

  • Others - Yahoo! Mail: 5.4%, Google Android: 1.5%,Apple iPad: 1.4%, Samsung Mail: 1.2%, 0.9%, Outlook Mobile: 0.2%


  • Mobile: 43.0%

  • Webmail: 36.1%

  • Desktop: 19.4%

  • Other: 1.5%

Email Provider

  1. Gmail: 75.0%

  2. Yahoo! Mail: 14.8%

  3. 2.4%

Desktop Opens

  1. Apple Mail: 58.9%

  2. Outlook: 40.0%

  3. Windows Live Mail: 0.9%

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Danny Denhard & Nick Walter